Popsicles for TAC : The Newest Member's of the "100,000 Strong" Community

There is simply nothing more amazing, genuine and honest than the spirit of a child. They'll tell you exactly what's on their mind, no question is out of the question and all commentary is fair game. The students of the Walker Elementary School SAFE program were no different. They asked me if my legs were robotic and if my friend Jordan's (who is a survivor of a SCI) legs were "complete." A child's curisosity is just that, curiousness. It's about wanting to know about the unknown, so they just ask, and I love it!

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Monotonous Fun

Who knew monotony could be so much fun? Not this guy...Until today that is. For six hours I, along with a dozen other people, "set" screws at the Great Lakes Roofing Corporation to raise money for The Ability Center. Sounds boring right? I certainly was not looking forward to the work, though I was looking forward to raising money for a great cause. Which on a side note, leads me to think I need to create a "Will Work for TAC" sign.

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3...2...1...Blast Off

Better now than never -- Please accept my apologies for the delay.

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Accessible Fun - Wauwatosa Proud

As we work to realize The Ability Center, we have always maintained that it will not be "acommodated" for or "accssible" to, but, UNIVERSALLY DESIGNED for. Designed for people with disABILITIES so they can experince 100% access, not JUST a minimal set of accommodations that projects follow because they are legally obligated to do so. The Ability Center plans to set the standard of how new developments should be constructed -- with ALL people in mind.

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