100 Square Feet of Possibility & Empowerment

Today, with an abundance of thanks to 50 possibility thinkers, The Ability Center reached another milestone. 50 donors, including; individuals, families, friends, corporations and community instituations from five different states have made 100 square feet of The Ability Center a reality. WOW! Stand up and take a bow as the crowd across the nation applauds your kindness, your generosity and your ability to believe in a dream and take action. These 50 donors have the distinct honor to stand on the top of a mountain and claim; "I am an original believer. I make dreams come true.

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50 equals 100,000 and 100,000 equals 200,000

I've always been an "idea" person, a problem solver, a visionary if you will, today, I like to think of myself as a social entrepreneur. Some people seem to think that the "idea" of The Ability Center (TAC) is just too big, too visionary, darn near impossible. I constantly remind those people that nothing starts out big, but it always begins with a big, or what the naysayers would call a "larger than life," vision.

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Accessible Fun 1.1 - Hart Park Grand Opening Today @ 1pm

UPDATE -- Last month I blogged about how I was "Wauwatosa Proud" because the city was building a new $1 million accessible playground. Well, even though the playground has been open for the last couple weeks, today at 1:00 PM is the Grand/Ceremonial Opening and I hope you show up to honor Wauwatosa, Selzer-Ornst and people with disABILITIES.

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19 & Counting

A picture of me and my siblings in May of 1991. I was too sick to attend my sisters graduation.

I usually try to blog on Tuesday's and Friday's -- but this week, Wednesday would be more appropriate.

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