The Paralympic Dream

The 2012 Paralympics have kicked off this week and although coverage on TV in the U.S. is disappointingly sparse, it’s possible to catch some of the action online. It is truly amazing to see how every Paralympic athlete has optimized his or her body despite the variety of conditions that qualify them as Paralympic participants.

Aside from the community benefits of having a place like The Ability Center, the TAC could become a place where future Paralympic athletes are grown. With access to training equipment and dedicated athletic facilities, becoming a competitive athlete would be less a matter of logistics and simply a matter of motivation.

There are many people with disabilities who have motivation to exercise and optimize their bodies but unfortunately do not have a place to do so. It’s not easy finding a local pool or gym that has accessible equipment. Why? It’s not a priority at many facilities.

There’s lots of talk about the Olympic dream that able-bodied athletes have. Untold are the thousands of Paralympic dreams out there that simply need a place to thrive. The Ability Center can be that place.

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