Monotonous Fun

Who knew monotony could be so much fun? Not this guy...Until today that is. For six hours I, along with a dozen other people, "set" screws at the Great Lakes Roofing Corporation to raise money for The Ability Center. Sounds boring right? I certainly was not looking forward to the work, though I was looking forward to raising money for a great cause. Which on a side note, leads me to think I need to create a "Will Work for TAC" sign. Anyway, setting over 30,000 screws in plates for six hours sounds mind numbing, boring, darn near hellish. In fact, before we started, the 4 employees from the Great Lakes Roofing Corporation (who also volunteered their time for TAC), confirmed those exact sentiments. But, as it turned out, when you're in the company of good hearts and good friends working together on behalf of a great cause, it turns out, it's a pretty darn good time. 

For six hours we shared stories. Stories that ranged from funny to sad, inspiring to eye opening. We shared jokes, histories and even talked life. We made new friends and strengthened bonds between old friendships. Tonight, a dozen people came together on behalf of people with disABILITIES. A dozen people who believe in the vision of The Ability Center. A dozen people who believe that individuals and families affected by disABILITY deserve the same opportunities as their "able"-bodied counterparts. Those dozen people will realize that the work of their generous hearts this evening will be multiplied 100 times over in the coming months, . 

To tonight's believers, friends and new members of TAC's "100,000 Strong" community -- I thank you from the bottom of my heart! And, to Justin, the Great Lakes Roofing Corporation and the employees who stayed after work to lend a hand -- I thank you for the "monotonous fun." I hope to do it again some time.


I love that you call it monotonous fun! That would be a cool band name or something. It truly was fun and hope to do a couple of more of these in the following months.

That is what I like, way to go....:)

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