Mission Possible

Every day for the last four years I have given 100% of myself to this project. Every day I believe 100% in my heart, mind and soul that The Ability Center is a vision that I am blessed to to deliver in this time. Every day I believe people with, and impacted by, disABILITIES are worth more than society provides them. Every day for four years I have sacrificed wages, wants, desires and sometimes even needs to insure The Ability Center is realized for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people impacted by disABILITY. I sacrifice. My wife continuously sacrifices. Neither of us ever waiver in our belief that The Ability Center is mission possible and vision necessary.

From intellectual disABILITIES to physical disABILITIES, from amputees to autism, from cancer survivors to congenital disABILITIES, The Ability Center is truly envisioned for EVERYONE. It does not matter how long I am "paid" in hugs, smiles and gratitude, I WILL NOT stop until the doors open and countless individuals and families impacted by disABILITIES are experiencing the same athletic, fitness and recreation opportunities as their able-bodied peers.

This being said. Let me explain to you how mission possible The Ability Center is…Because it starts with belief. We have yet to talk to a foundation, donor or individual who thinks this is a bad idea or unworthy cause. But, the one constant has been fear. Fear of being unable to raise the money needed. Fear that the able-bodied public won't be fit and active alongside those with disABILITIES. Fear of failure. I say, let's be bigger than fear. Belief is a much stronger energy. What would happen if we turned fear into belief? What if everyone believed the money WILL be raised? What if we were more respectful to the able-bodied public's perceived ignorance? After all, do we really think most people are so ignorant and exclusive? Or, are we too focused on the few that are vocal? What if everyone said "yes"? Aren't we all sick of saying "no"? How about instead of focusing on impossibility or improbability, we focus on POSSIBILITY. Everything in life starts with attitude. Weren't we told as children, we can be anything we want to be? It was Henry Ford who said it so simply and so clearly when he said; "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right." So right your are Mr. Ford. I believe I can. I believe I WILL. And I know, I HAVE TO.

So I challenge every person reading these words to believe in The Ability Center. Believe in yourself. Believe in and listen to the voice in your gut -- What I like to call my God voice. Belief isn't easy. Trusting your God voice sometimes makes no sense…But it starts with taking the dive into belief, positivity and possibility. I have believed for four years. I will continue to believe for 100 more if that's what it takes -- because I BELIEVE that people impacted by disABILITIES deserve the same opportunities as their able-bodied peers. Will you believe with me?

The Ability Center -- Mission Possible and opening in the summer of 2015. #BELIEVE

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