The Paralympic Dream

The 2012 Paralympics have kicked off this week and although coverage on TV in the U.S. is disappointingly sparse, it’s possible to catch some of the action online.

Accessible Fun - Wauwatosa Proud

As we work to realize The Ability Center, we have always maintained that it will not be "acommodated" for or "accssible" to, but, UNIVERSALLY DESIGNED for. Designed for people with disABILITIES so they can experince 100% access, not JUST a minimal set of accommodations that projects follow because they are legally obligated to do so. The Ability Center plans to set the standard of how new developments should be constructed -- with ALL people in mind.

Backwards? Cʼmon, man.

Wheelchair Exercise Machine

Cʼmon, man? Are you kidding? Your health club took on a backwards philosophy, instead of being progressive? I guess I shouldnʼt be surprised, fitness is not the only area we as Americans have failed to be forward-thinking - Cʼmon, man, at a health club that costs me nearly $100 per month, my experience should get better, not worse.

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