Board of Directors

The Ability Center has recruited an experienced and talented group of business, industry, and disability experts to ensure its success.

  • Nick Stroud

    Nicholas Stroud

    The Ability Center is not just about recreation, sports and fitness, it’s also about improving the lives of the individuals we have the privilege of serving through community and inclusion. The Ability Center will be life-changing, and having Milwaukee lead the way will be amazing for our community.

  • Debbie Schiel

    Deb Schiel
    Friends of the Domes

    As an amputee myself, I always encourage others to “try what you used to do and see how normal it feels.” They’re often surprised. One barrier to this is not having a place to exercise and be physically active where they can feel comfortable. That’s why we need The Ability Center.

  • Troy Marine

    Troy Marine
    Baker Tilly

    Fitness is something that most of society takes for granted, but it truly comes at a great monetary cost to the disabled population. We hope to change that by building a facility without the usual physical, social and emotional barriers that exist in conventional fitness facilities.

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    Courtney Rogaczewski
    Best Buddies Wisconsin, State Director

  • Eric Barber

    Eric Barber
    U.S. Paralympian, Wheelchair Basketball

    I became a paraplegic at age 3, and have been involved in wheelchair sports for 28 years, including playing for the U.S.A. Basketball Team since 1998. The Ability Center is important because it will provide a facility for people of ALL abilities to participate at a level of their choice to become physically better and healthier.

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    David Cooks
    David Cooks Enterprises, LLC

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    Lynda Kohler
    SHARP Literacy