Our Vision

To build a universally designed fitness, athletic, recreation and wellness facility, not just “accommodated“ for or “accessible“ to people with disabilities, but specifically designed for their therapeutic, recreational and special needs, inclusive of their families and the able-bodied public.

The Bottom Line

In many ways, The Ability Center (TAC) will function as any other full-service fitness center, providing exercise and athletic programming to the able-bodied public, funded by membership and class fees. Unlike other facilities, TAC will provide identical services to individuals with disabilities — offered with significant discounts on a sliding scale. As a non-profit, TAC will secure donations; foundation and government grants; and corporate partnerships to support this important part of the business.

Other revenue streams will include league and tournament fees; initiation and admission fees; camp and lesson income; product and concession sales; practice and event rental fees; and corporate outing (team-building) fees.