Wauwatosa man's dream 'Ability Center' could have $15 million annual impact, study finds

Wauwatosa resident Damian Buchman knows he is a medical anomaly, having twice survived bone cancer in his legs as a young teenager. That's why he's dedicated his career to helping other people with disabilities lead healthier lives.

"The fact that I'm standing on my own two feet is part of my blessing," Buchman said. "This is part of my service for surviving."

Mission Possible

Every day for the last four years I have given 100% of myself to this project. Every day I believe 100% in my heart, mind and soul that The Ability Center is a vision that I am blessed to to deliver in this time. Every day I believe people with, and impacted by, disABILITIES are worth more than society provides them. Every day for four years I have sacrificed wages, wants, desires and sometimes even needs to insure The Ability Center is realized for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people impacted by disABILITY. I sacrifice. My wife continuously sacrifices.

The Paralympic Dream

The 2012 Paralympics have kicked off this week and although coverage on TV in the U.S. is disappointingly sparse, it’s possible to catch some of the action online.

100 Square Feet of Possibility & Empowerment

Today, with an abundance of thanks to 50 possibility thinkers, The Ability Center reached another milestone. 50 donors, including; individuals, families, friends, corporations and community instituations from five different states have made 100 square feet of The Ability Center a reality. WOW! Stand up and take a bow as the crowd across the nation applauds your kindness, your generosity and your ability to believe in a dream and take action. These 50 donors have the distinct honor to stand on the top of a mountain and claim; "I am an original believer. I make dreams come true.

Accessible Fun 1.1 - Hart Park Grand Opening Today @ 1pm

UPDATE -- Last month I blogged about how I was "Wauwatosa Proud" because the city was building a new $1 million accessible playground. Well, even though the playground has been open for the last couple weeks, today at 1:00 PM is the Grand/Ceremonial Opening and I hope you show up to honor Wauwatosa, Selzer-Ornst and people with disABILITIES.

19 & Counting

A picture of me and my siblings in May of 1991. I was too sick to attend my sisters graduation.

I usually try to blog on Tuesday's and Friday's -- but this week, Wednesday would be more appropriate.

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