Zero Obstacles, 100% Accessible

What does “accessibility” mean to you? Unfortunately, at far too many places, in all too many areas of life, it means simply strict compliance with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards and other applicable laws. In other words, doing the bare minimum required to avoid getting into trouble.

“True accessibility” means something more. It means doing everything possible to level the proverbial (and sometimes the literal) playing field for the disabled and able-bodied individuals alike. At The Ability Center, we will strive to be a model of true accessibility that others will strive to emulate.

In practical terms, this means paying extra attention to details such as:

Extra-large Elevators
to accommodate 6-8 sport chairs at once, as opposed to 2-3 in a standard elevator.

Braille Signs and Instructions
(e.g., for fitness equipment) to accommodate the visually impaired.

High-contrast Color Schemes
to aid the visually impaired in finding their way through the facility.

Extra-spacious Shower Stalls
with controls at a height reachable by someone in a wheelchair.

42" Doorways
(vs. 36" standard) to accommodate a standard sport chair (athletes won’t have to change chairs to leave the gym or go to the bathroom).

Automatic Sensors
to open doorways, eliminating the need for clumsy pushbuttons.

Extra-wide Hallways
to help high amounts of wheelchair traffic flow more freely.

Accessible Bathrooms
to ensure adequate space and privacy to perform personal tasks most of us take for granted (or never have to deal with). A minimum of 72% of the stalls will be fully accessible.

Extra-wide Sidelines
between basketball and volleyball courts to more easily accommodate greater space requirements of wheelchair athletes.

Extra Space Between Fitness Machines
(min. 36”) to allow easy passage from one machine to another.

Rollaway Bleachers
with plenty of spaces for spectators in wheelchairs, to provide better vantage points than more common floor-level wheelchair seating.